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  • Atulfo Mangoes (Count Will Vary) ()
    Please note that there will be returns/refunds for this item. We will always send the mangoes on the greener side however, sometimes due to weather conditions they will ripe faster. Also, the count of mangoes varies between 14-18 pcs. All boxes have same weight but 18 ct Mangoes will be a bit smaller while 14 ct Mangoes will be bigger.
  • Kent Mangoes (Count will Vary) ()
    Please note there will be no returns/refunds for Mangoes. We will do our very best to send them on the greener side however due to weather conditions they may ripe faster. Also, the count per box will vary. Boxes come from 8ct - 12ct. 8ct Mangoes will have larger size while 12ct Mangoes will be smaller. The weight of the boxes however will be similar.
  • KESAR Mangoes from Domincan Republic (No Refunds) ()
    Fresh Kesar Mangoes. Please note that boxes come with the SAME WEIGHT, however the quantity of mangoes are different in each box. Some boxes may contain 9, 10, or 11 Mangoes.
    Also, we can only ship to mainly the east coast. If transit time takes longer than 2-3 days, we will NOT ship and will contact the customer. Also Mangoes are sold as is. There will be NO Refund/Return/Exchange on them. 
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